Governance is about how rules and actions are structured, regulated and ultimately held accountable. With competing stakeholder interests, governance is inherently political and complex. Whether a corporate board or a national government- The Governance Group provides solutions for accountable, effective and transparent governance.

The Governance Group helps clients with:

  • Ethics, standards, policies and codes that apply within an organisation and to its value chain.
  • Benchmarking anti-corruption and human rights procedures against other organisations; e.g. benchmarking study against an agreed peer group using externally available information as well as comprehensive internal benchmarking exercise at group level for a multinational company.
  • Risk Assessment using governance, human rights and corruption metrics, combined with operational and risk analysis in order to produce a risk map/report that identifies the risk “hot spots”.
  • Research for organisations that require insight into the political economy, corruption and human rights in specific countries, either for training, risk assessments or other purposes, e.g. how to invest responsibly.
  • Stakeholder analysis. We help clients understand the range of interests and influence that stakeholders exercise within particular institutional contexts, and incorporate our analyses into the design and implementation of policies.
  • Sector and institutional governance.  We help stakeholders improve the institutional governance environment in a range of sectors including energy, extractives and infrastructure, focusing on standards and benchmarking.