The Governance Group is an advisory firm with real-world experience in applying political and business knowledge to improve sustainability performance.

Governance Advisory

Governance is inherently political and complex. We believe in engaging with local political realities while drawing on global experiences. We provide innovative and customised solutions for open, accountable and effective governance reform. The Governance Group has a track record in advising government, private sector and civil society partners to put a problem-focused, data-driven, structured and iterative approach to evidence based learning.

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The private sector faces increasing demands for transparency, accountability and sustainability from regulators, customers, shareholders and the general public. The Governance Group helps companies manage risk and ensure compliance with global and local sustainability standards.

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Risk and compliance

The Governance Group believes in providing senior expertise and policy advice to governments, international organisations, and the private sector to help respond to risk in an unstable and uncertain world. We support clients by providing expert analysis and practical on the ground support through our team of experts on a broad range of global issues and country insights. Our specialists have real-world relevant experience and can efficiently apply the local political and business context and global standards to your issues.

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