Risk and compliance

The Governance Group believes in providing senior expertise and policy advice to governments, international organisations, and the private sector to help respond to risk in an unstable and uncertain world.

We support clients by providing expert analysis and practical on the ground support through our team of experts on a broad range of global issues and country insights.

Our specialists have real-world relevant experience and can efficiently apply the local political and business context and global standards to your issues.

The Governance Group helps clients with:


Anti-bribery and Corruption expertise – Our experts have decades of combined experience assisting governments, organisations and the private sector with bribery and corruption risk. 

Due and integrity diligence – Whether you are initiating a new business venture, exploring new business partnerships in different country and geographic regions or simply wanting background information on various business industries, companies and/or individuals, we can tailor options to suit your needs. We offer standard, enhanced and specialised enhanced due diligence options as well as expertise in forensic accounting, asset tracking and obtaining evidence to support litigation. 

Investigating fraud and impropriety – Our experts have a thorough understanding of the complexity of business environments alongside a realistic and effective approach to solving problems. We can assist companies investigate and resolve issues surrounding money laundering and conflicts of interest, to embezzlement.

Geopolitical risk- As businesses face an increasingly volatile and unpredictable geopolitical environment, The Governance Group can assist with bespoke analysis, scenario planning and expert seminars to better understand how political risk influences their operations and what they need to do next. Many of our experts are affiliated with leading international and local think tanks, thus providing cutting edge geopolitical knowledge and research.

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